Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Lake Erie

Capt. Tom Marks with Gr8 Lakes Fishing Adventures reports that if you can tough it out with the rough weather we’ve been experiencing of late, the walleye bite is excellent. There are fish in almost every local "hot spot,” according to Marks. Myers Reef has produced good catches, the "fence" (border) from Sturgeon Point to Buffalo is loaded with walleye, too. Work your baits in 65 to 70 foot depths off Evangola where walleye stacked up, as well. Marks has even found schools of yellow perch off Evangola. He keeps his presentations simple by bottom-bouncing worm harnesses. “The warm water has their metabolism kicked into high gear so now is the time to get fishing!”  The Sunset Bay Shootout is this weekend so we should have a report for you next week if we can collect the information from organizers. Bass action has been consistent as well. Target 26 to 40 feet of water with crayfish, shiners, tubes or drop-shot rigs outfitted with live bait or plastics like Jackall Crosstails. Capt. Ryan Shea with Brookdog Fishing Co. has been targeting Myers Reef area in 25 to 30 feet of water with three-way rigs offering shiners or crayfish – keeping the bait moving a 1 to 1.5 mph. He’ll also cast a crayfish imitation fly to take some fish, too. Last week, Todd Aikin and Richard Snyder were trolling for walleye around Seneca Shoal with a blue and silver Renosky stickbait and they couldn’t keep the bass off.

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