Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Boulder River

Anglers can make their way around this gorgeous fishery right now due to low flows. Fish a favorite hopper. The East Rosebud prefers Pink Pookies, Parachute Hopper's or the classic Dave’s Hopper (all in 8-10). Additional big bug recommendations include Chubbies in gold or purple, Tarantula or a Parachute Madam X (all in 8-12), yellow or orange Stimulators (10-14), Spruce Moth, Caddis Dry (14), PMD or Rusty Spinner (16). For nymphs, try Caddis Pupa or PMD (14-16), Rubber Legs, Red Fox Squirrels (8-12), Hare's Ears or Pheasant Tails (10-16). Copper John nymphs in varied colors as well as the many different Prince Nymphs (12-16) still work as well as any other nymph with a beadhead. —

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