Thursday, August 10, 2017

Red River

Catfishing is pretty good considering the high water temperatures and low river levels, Grand Forks catfish guide Brad Durick reports. Catfish are holding in the middle of the river, typically in the center of the holes, Durick said, and the active fish are pretty quick to find the baits. The lack of current has the fish spread out so anglers should cast their lines in a wide spread, if possible, or even move baits around every few minutes to find the active fish, Durick said. If you can find a good visible current, give it a try as there will be catfish nearby. Frogs have been the most productive baits in the morning and evening, with the fish showing a preference for frozen suckers during the day. Cooler nights are bringing water temperatures down so the bait preference should switch back to fresh sucker or goldeye.

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