Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Niagara River

Walleye and bass are still cooperating throughout the system, with bass at the top of the list. Some 5-pound class bronzebacks have been caught. Mike Dulmes of Wisconsin was fishing with Capt. Jake Joseph on Sunday and his biggest was a 5 pounder caught on a shiner. This is the time of year when some fat walleyes show up for the Greater Niagara Fish Odyssey Derby, which runs August 19-27. Worm harnesses or a Yellow Sally fly, spinner and a worm rig are both effective. Joseph noted that the walleye bite picked back up in the past week. A few salmon have been sighted already in the lower river, but it’s still a month off before the regular run should be starting up. In the upper Niagara River, some feisty bass have been reeled in on crabs and shiners. Tubes will also work. Strawberry Island is always a good bet, as is the head of the river. Some big largemouth are also available in the right spots. The Erie Canal is still producing some nice pike and bass as well.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Mankato area:

 Anglers are finding walleyes (triggered by night crawlers) in 20 to 25 feet depths on Madison Lake and in 18 to 22 feet off Third Point on Lake Washington. Northern pike action has been good along the weed lines on most area lakes. Duck Lake, German Lake and Madison Lake are producing crappies.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Red River

Catfishing is pretty good considering the high water temperatures and low river levels, Grand Forks catfish guide Brad Durick reports. Catfish are holding in the middle of the river, typically in the center of the holes, Durick said, and the active fish are pretty quick to find the baits. The lack of current has the fish spread out so anglers should cast their lines in a wide spread, if possible, or even move baits around every few minutes to find the active fish, Durick said. If you can find a good visible current, give it a try as there will be catfish nearby. Frogs have been the most productive baits in the morning and evening, with the fish showing a preference for frozen suckers during the day. Cooler nights are bringing water temperatures down so the bait preference should switch back to fresh sucker or goldeye.

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Boulder River

Anglers can make their way around this gorgeous fishery right now due to low flows. Fish a favorite hopper. The East Rosebud prefers Pink Pookies, Parachute Hopper's or the classic Dave’s Hopper (all in 8-10). Additional big bug recommendations include Chubbies in gold or purple, Tarantula or a Parachute Madam X (all in 8-12), yellow or orange Stimulators (10-14), Spruce Moth, Caddis Dry (14), PMD or Rusty Spinner (16). For nymphs, try Caddis Pupa or PMD (14-16), Rubber Legs, Red Fox Squirrels (8-12), Hare's Ears or Pheasant Tails (10-16). Copper John nymphs in varied colors as well as the many different Prince Nymphs (12-16) still work as well as any other nymph with a beadhead. —

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Lake Washington

 Lake Washington has been good for panfish, northerns, walleyes, bass and sheepshead. In the Waterville-Elysian area, and there are another 12 with decent fihsing that are part of the Cannon River system such as Francis, Tetonka, Sakatah, Gorman, Madison Lake, Volney which have walleyes and big perch. By Le Center there is Clear Lake and guys fish at Lake Pepin in Montgomery.

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Rio Grande

The Rio Grande is running at near or slightly above normal levels. The fishing has been good. I really want to check out the upper Rio Grande above where the Red River comes in. It’s best to check it out to see how clear the water is. One of the drawbacks to the summer rainstorms is they can muddy the water. It’s a long hike down to the river from the rim of the Rio Grande Gorge. You don’t want to make that long hike down to the river and find it muddy.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Rainy River

Anglers in the Rainy River finding a few walleyes with the morning/evening being better than day bite.  Trolling cranks or pulling spinners producing the best . Smallmouth bass scattered all over in the river by docks, structure, and feeder streams/back bays. Sturgeon fishing continues very good with many who target these beasts having good success.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Prior Lake area:

Anglers are finding sunfish and walleyes on Prior Lake and Spring Lake. Prior Lake is also producing a good bass bite during low-light times, and Fish Lake is also producing walleyes. The bays on Lake O’Dowd are producing a solid bass bite, while some walleyes are being caught around the island on Lake O’Dowd during low-light times.