Saturday, April 16, 2005

California Big Bass

California ranks as one of the top trophy fishing states in the U.S. In fact many many believe the next world record will come from a California lake. While lakes like Castaic, Casitas, Skinner, Perris, Hodges, Miramar and others are renouned in southern California for their BIG BASS they are also renouned for their fishing pressure.
In the central region Other lakes like, Millerton, Kaweah, Isabella, Don Pedro, Amador or Tulloch are certainly capable of giving up the next world record.
Further north Lake Berryessa, Oroville and Folsom are posting tremendous sizes. At recent tournaments on Clear Lake and The Delta, Big Bass were almost the rule rather than the exception. The bass have to be living longer. What else could explain so many Big Bass on so many lakes. Keep up the C & R (Catch & Release) boys and girls it seems to be working!
Now, how about those Big Bass? Where can you find them, when can you find them and most important of all how can you catch them. Let’s start at the begining. We are going to discuss the major steps you must take in order to CONSISTANTLY CATCH Big Bass.
You MUST have trophy catching equipment. Rod, Reel, Line and Bait. Without any of these you are doomed to a life of bass fishing mediocrity. You’ll catch Big Fish when you are fishing with smaller baits as well but you will CONSISTANTLY CATCH Big Bass if you use Big Baits.

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