Saturday, April 02, 2005

Fishing Shore Dinner

While the fishermen enjoy the appetizer and a freshly tossed salad, with 'Original' Thousand Island Dressing of course, the guide will dust their fish with breading and put it to fry in the super hot fat-back grease. The flesh sears immediately, preventing absorption of the fat. By the time the fish is golden brown, the fresh coffee grounds that were dumped into boiling water have settled for more than 30 minutes, changing the river water into a true outdoor delight. The potatoes have been at boil for nearly 45 minutes and the fresh corn on the cob for ten. All comes to readiness at the same time.While the group digs into the freshest fish they have ever eaten and the corn and potatoes, the guide begins preparations for dessert. Eggs are broken into a bowl and sugar and cream are added. The batter is used for bread that has been drying in the sunlit breeze for about an hour. Thrust into the rolling hot fat-back grease, the batter immediately puffs up, making the french toast resemble the finest french puff pastry.The french toast is served on the clean bottom of the upside-down plates that were used for the meal. It is topped with butter, a bottle cap of maple syrup, a bottle cap of cream and bottle cap of brandy, with strict directions "not to let your cap runneth over." While this is devoured, a second issue is prepared for those wanting another.All of this is topped off with the brew locally known as "guides coffee". Strong and dark, it is a necessity for those wishing to stay awake for the ride back to the Clayton dock.

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