Sunday, May 01, 2005

What type of water for your boat

If you plan to use your boat on the Great Lakes or Ocean, you must answer one question first. Will you be taking it overnight and/or far off shore, or for day trips close to shore. There is nothing worse than buying too little boat for your use. If you plan to go far from shore or use it overnight you should select a boat designed for that purpose. We would not recommend a boat under 25 ft for comfortable Great Lakes/Ocean cruising or overnight stays. Be sure your boat has a hull designed for rough water. Some boats are not designed for the type of wave patterns experienced on the Great Lakes. Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair due to thier shallow depths create very choppy wave patterns. Boats that do not have deep V hulls will tend to ride rough on these waters. Even day trips can be brutal if you have a boat that is not designed to handle the water you are on. Keep this in mind when selecting your next boat. The oceans present a whole different set of problems. Be sure you talk to fellow sailors before purchasing a boat. It should also be noted that Sailboats tend to work with the wave patterns and do not experience the same problems with discomfort.
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