Saturday, September 10, 2005

Minnows baitfish keeping them alive

Minnows and other baitfish probably require the most attention for proper storage with minimal loss. The three main factors which contribute to baitfish loss are lack of oxygen, improper water temperature, and lack of cleanliness. Let's address each of these separately: (1) In most cases, standing water will not provide enough oxygen for more than just a few fish. Additional oxygen must be introduced into the water by using a good-quality, extra capacity air pump Or for increased capacity, an agitator (such as our MINO-SAVER units), which is suspended in the tank with 1/2 of the paddle submerged. (2) Although baitfish will survive in warmer water, losses will increase dramatically as temperatures exceed 60 degrees. Warmer water holds less dissolved oxygen, encourages more bacterial growth, and "softens" fish making them more susceptible to injury. Cooler temperatures (55 degrees or less) can be maintained by: refrigeration (the best overall method), by fresh water circulation through your tank (if you have well or spring water that is cold), or by adding ice or frozen water containers to your tank (the least desirable due to chemicals present in ice and/or constant temperature fluctuation). Any method of cooling, however, is better than no cooling at all.

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