Friday, October 14, 2005

Plastic Worm Texas Rig

The Texas rig was the most popular worm technique years ago and still is popular today. This is where you take a bullet weight of your choice (I like 1/8 ounce) and a 2/0 offset hook. Attach a worm by running the hook through the head and come out about 3/8 of an inch below it. Twist the hook 180 degrees around and embed the point into the worm making sure the barb is embedded also. Make sure the point is not exposed. The weight and hook should vary with the size of the worm.
It doesn’t matter how deep the water is, you can fish this rig right down the bank if you like. When you are ready to use it, look for stumps, timber, grass or creek channels. Cast the bait out in your favorite spot and drag the worm back through and over logs, stumps, or vegetation. It is weedless with the hook point embedded like this. When a fish hits this bait, there will be a tap tap or the line will move off. Either way, drop your rod tip roll in the slack and set the hook.
You need a medium heavy or heavy action rod for worm fishing. I use a Falcon FC 7-166 heavy action, but the FC 5-166 medium heavy will do just fine. When you set the hook and miss the fish, reel in and check your bait. If you set the hook hard enough the worm will be pulled down by the resistance of the water. If you leave it out there the exposed hook will hang up on everything. Keep your rod high as you are reeling so the bait will ride over the stumps and keep from hanging up.


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