Sunday, November 20, 2005

Sting Ray Facts

In shallow waters which favor stingray habitation, shuffle feet on the bottom and probe with a stick to alert the rays and chase them away.
Many fish may use venom as a form of defense. Most venomous fish deliver the toxins through the use of a spine. Venomous spines are found in a wide variety of fish including stingrays, chimaeras, scorpionfishes, catfishes, toadfishes, rabbit fishes, and stargazers. Venomous spines can have poison glands along the grove of the spine, as with stingrays, or at the base of the spine as in some catfish. While humans can be stung by a multitude of fishes, few species are life threatening.
Stingrays if poked, prodded or even smacked on their backs with an object, normally will not retaliate but flee off to safety.

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