Monday, December 11, 2006

Bull shoal's Arkansas

Lake temperature has dropped to 53 to 54 degrees throughout the lake. Check brush piles, deep docks with brush and watersheds for crappie. They should be tucked in tight or on the bottom. Forget artificial baits for a while and fish with live crappie minnows until the weather stabilizes. Check the backs of creeks with spinnerbaits and crankbaits to see if the largemouth or Kentuckies have moved back. If there are some bass in the backs then stay with that pattern, if not move from the back of the creeks out to 50 to 55 feet of water and graph that area for balls of shad. Spoons and drop-shot rigs will trigger both largemouth and Kentuckies around the shad. If neither of these patterns draw a strike, move to the bluff walls and fish tubes, spider jigs or hair jigs through the trees and down the bluffs. Smallmouth love cool water and should be up on the points and along large rock banks searching for crayfish. If the wind is up, fish Wiggle Warts or Bandit crankbaits or slow roll a spinnerbait with gold and silver blades. If all else fails, move out to 35 to 45 feet of water and drag a football jig or a Carolina rig with a brush hog or lizard around main lake points. Walleye were in 40 to 45 feet of water and probably still are. Do some graphing outside of feeding flats, points and along channel swings in 40 to 48 feet of water, you should find them close to the bottom. Spoons and Lindy Max Gap jigs with Munchies grubs will be your best bait selection until the weather stabilizes. Long liners will have to pull deep-running lures such as 30+ Tail Dancers, Reef Runners or Bill Norman DD22s and hope they can trigger a reaction bite.
Sugarloaf Harbor said the water is murky and at normal levels. Cold weather has kept most anglers off the water. Fishing Forum

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