Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Using fishing scents

No matter what flavor of scent you use or what you use it on, remember, you are delivering smell to a fish. Do it in a way so they can find it.
This means laying a scent trail that travels downstream in a consistent path so that fish can detect it, follow it and snatch the bait. This is why plunking, back-bouncing and backtrolling plugs are so effective when using scents, because they are either staying in one position or moving downstream in a constant, steady path where fish can track them.
If you haven’t yet jumped on the scent craze, do it now. Experiment with a wide variety of scents until you find what the fish like best on specific rivers or under certain conditions. Our sport is growing ever more competitive, and these scents can give you the upper hand needed to catch more salmon.Fishing tips forum.

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