Thursday, July 31, 2008

Summer Bass fishing tips

Catch these schooling fish and put some fillets in the freezer.
1. Try to fish on a sunny, windless day. The bass don’t seem to come up as well if it’s cloudy and if the waves get big you can’t see the fish splashing.
2. Be ready. The moment shad and bass begin to erupt on the surface, make your cast. A split second can make the difference. Once the bass scatter the shad they drop down deeper.
3. Fish a launcher. These weighted floats with a swivel on them give you the weight to make a long cast to fish that come up out of normal casting range. Tie about a three foot drop off of the launcher with a white crappie jig, a tiny spoon, or a small soft plastic shad attached. Cast it onto the middle of the surfacing fish and just slightly move the launcher. If you get the bait into the melee in time they will usually hit the small suspended lure.
4. Keep fishing even when no fish can be seen. They’re just gone deeper. Use a lead head jig with a small grub or plastic minnow imitation, a four inch plastic worm rigged Texas or Carolina style or a small jig. Fish it slow and deeper. Lots of fish can be caught in the general area of the schooling fish with this method.

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