Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fly Fishing tips for trout,bass

Discover The Deadly Tactic That Consistently Sends Trout, Bass Or Salmon Lunging For My Line Every Time I Go Fly Fishing! The very first time I used these secrets I was left stunned and breathless. The 'take' was so powerful I was very nearly pulled into the water 2 minutes later I landed one of the most gorgeous 4lb5oz Cutthroat trout I’d ever seen.
You have to experience these kinds of “rocket burst” strikes to believe they’re possible Man it feels good too especially when you cast to a rising fish and see it instantly lunge for the line. Wham!In my 20 years of fly fishing no one has ever shown me such simple, easy and powerful techniques. It’s like having a secret weapon no one else can figure out.”
Go Fly Fishing!!

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