Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Jig fishing is great on Leech Lake

When fishing, look to the shorelines and points that the wind is blowing into and start shallow, 5-10 feet in sandy and gravel areas. Live bait is great on the opener; I prefer to use spot-tailed shiners, rainbows or fatheads.Jig fishing is great on Leech Lake this time of year but Lindy rigs also work great. With the water so clear on Leech Lake, the jig colors I prefer are chartreuse, dark green and multicolored.When fishing in shallower water depths, stay with an 8-ounce jig or weight on your Lindy rig. Drifting is a preferred way to fish on Leech Lake, but if there is not enough wind, trolling works well also.If it’s very windy, a drift bag can make a huge difference in your ability to stay on fish. Always be safety-minded and watch out for other fishing boats.

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