Saturday, April 02, 2016

Lake Erie

Spring walleye fishing is, of course, best around the reefs and in the rivers because that’s where they go to spawn. Popular places to catch spring walleyes are in about 10 feet of water over rocky areas. That’s where you will find boaters dragging hair jigs, perhaps tipped with a shiner and having good results.
The current bag limit is four walleyes until May 1. The state wildlife agency will soon announce new bag limits for May 1 and after. For the past several years that has been six through the last day of February. The limit will likely remain six and four during the spawning months of March and April.
While Lake Erie is called the “walleye capital of the world,” it’s also the best place to catch yellow perch. The bag limit is 30 and is likely to stay that way.

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