Saturday, September 10, 2016

Musky anglers also take advantage

Musky anglers also take advantage of the moon for late-night feeding by those toothy monsters.
When these top predator fish are actively feeding all night, and have shorter periods of feeding activity during the day, the perch enthusiasts take advantage.
Perch, a primary forage for predator fish, will be more active during the day when they aren't being chased.
To me, the real fall fishing pattern starts in our area around the third week of September and lasts until we ice up.
It starts a week or so earlier north of us and a week or so later south of us.
When we are into a fall pattern, fish are more predictable in their locations, and will stay schooled in the same area sometimes for several weeks. They are easier to pattern.
Starting now, minnows will become a "go to" bait, and as we get further into the fall, larger minnows become a preference for all the predator fish (bass, northern, musky, and walleye).

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