Wednesday, May 31, 2017

fish for crappie and panfish

One of the first things to look for is structure ,underwater brush or fallen trees. Crappie like to school and when you find underwater trees and such there might be crappie there.It is important to move from each fishing spot until you start to catch crappies.Don't just stay in one fishing spot if the crappie are not there. They move around since they are a schooling fish.
Once you find a school of crappie or pan fish don't get to close as you might spook them into leaving.Another thing is don't thrown in the anchor just put into the water quietly the splash can scare the fish and they will leave.You need to use light fishing equipment and line,live minnows are best to catch crappies and pan fish.Fishing at night is also fun if the water temperature is hot the crappie will move more at night.
Fishing with kids is great when you find a school of crappies.You can have them use a bobber and a minnow .Its great to watch them see the bobber go under and the fun begins as they real in the crappie.Remember you must be patient with kids when you take them fishing.You can use a cane pole bobber and bait to get kids started fishing.

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