Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Downs and Bonnie lakes

Spiny ray

Downs and Bonnie lakes are beginning to produce some nice perch and crappie. Eloika Lake and Liberty Lake have smaller crappie and perch as well as largemouth bass and brown trout. Unfortunately, Eloika Lake weeds are growing rapidly, and already beginning to form a mat on top. If you can find some open pockets, though, you’ll find plenty of 1- to 3-pound largemouth.
Fishing for smallmouth bass and walleye should continue to improve in the Columbia and Snake rivers. A strong recruitment of walleye two years ago has resulted in thousands of walleye in the lower and middle Columbia River in the 12- to 16-inch size range this year. Anglers are already reporting large catches.
Friends fishing at Northport this week report very good walleye fishing, though there is heavy current in places. They have been launching at Snag Cove and say the water is rising about two feet a day. At that rate, the China Bend launch will be useable soon.
This is a good time to fish Banks Lake for both smallmouth and largemouth bass, most of which have moved up into the shallows to spawn. Not all anglers have success, however. Keep moving and try different lure colors. The bite times and patterns seem to change daily. Big perch and crappie are also being caught now.

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